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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Writing Challenge: Week 3

This week's exercises went a little better but I still haven't hit my stride.

The Exercises:

  • My Pet by Alison Lurie
  • Wedding Cake Assignment by Debra Spark
The Results:

While the exercises above went fine, this week was all about writing on the fly.  In particular, I did a couple of fun exercises with my writer's group.  One of the exercises was to write a short parody based on a postcard of a piece of art.  I chose Henri Rousseau's The Dream.

Then we also did an exercise where we wrote a short piece with one of the following three titles:
  1. How to Eat a _____________
  2. Eating __________________
  3. Recipe for a ______________
This exercise was inspired by the poems How to Eat a Poem by Eve Merriam and Eating Poetry by Mark Strand.  I ended up writing an ode to my writers' group.  Unfortunately, these two exercises don't count toward the writing challenge so this week I only crossed two off my list.

The Tally:
Exercises Remaining: 81
Days Left: 71

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