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gabi (pronounced gah-BEE) is a nickname for Gabriela Pereira.  Do not call me Gabby.  If you do, I will be forced to sic iggi on you and it will not be pretty.

My favorite thing to write is... middle grade and teen fiction, with the occasional short story for grown-ups thrown in for good measure.  As for reading, I love just about anything, as long as it's fiction and not boring.

When I'm not writing... I'm trying to invent ways to get kids and grown-ups excited about writing (i.e. I'm a freelance writing teacher).

In a past life... I studied developmental psychology and was a toy designer and product manager at a specialty toy manufacturer.  Yes, it was fun.  No, it was nothing like the movie Big.

Bits of random...  I grew up in NYC, which completely warps your perception of what's "normal."  It was only when I went to college that I realized most kids actually had houses with yards and tire swings.  Seriously.  I thought suburbia was something Hollywood invented so they had a place to set their sitcoms.

When I was 4, I started playing the violin because my best friend at preschool played the violin and I was horribly susceptible to peer pressure.  I've been playing on and off ever since which means that I've had a longer relationship with my fiddle than I've had with most humans.

Stay tuned for... several exciting schemes, including a sooper-seekrit soon-to-be-lauched collaborative project and an expansion on last September's Do-It-Yourself MFA concept.  For more information on DIY MFA, visit the tab above.

Want to know more?
     Email me at:  iggingabi[at]gmail[dot]com
     Follow me on twitter: @iggiandgabi

iggi&gabi is a blog about books and writing, by a writer who's obsessed with both.
Published work:
iggi is short for inner gabi giving inspiration.

iggi and is the muse behind gabi's many projects.  iggi is a creature of many moods and likes referring to itself in third person.  Someday, iggi will take over the world.

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