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Friday, June 3, 2011

YA Cafe: Summer Reading Book Club

Welcome Back to YA Cafe, where book lovers can gather and chat about teen literature.  I'm your barista, along with Ghenet from All About Them Words.

Each Friday we pick from a menu of topics and share our thoughts on our respective blogs.  We've also got plans brewing for interviews, events and even some exciting giveaways, so stay tuned!  Join the discussion by responding in the comments, on your own blogs or on twitter using the hash tag #yacafe.

Today's Special: YA Cafe Summer Reading Book Club

Here at YA Cafe, we talk about about books and YA themes, so it seemed liked the logical next step would be to read books and discuss them together.  Ghenet and I thought that it might be fun to read a couple of books over the summer (some fun summer reads!) and then host a book club through YA Cafe.

Our first book would be The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han and we'd discuss it on June 24th.  The idea behind doing this book is that the third book in the series is out this summer, so we thought it might be a fun way for people who want to get into the series but haven't gotten a chance to catch up on the first book.  For people who've already read the first two books, they might find it fun to re-read the first before reading the new one, just as a refresher.

The way we see the book club working is we'd post on our blogs the day of the book club, and then you all can comment either in the comments, or leave a link to your blog where you discuss the book.  In addition to the actual book club, we're also planning on tying in a giveaway with one of our summer books and maybe even getting some twitter chats going.

What I want to know is... what do you think of this idea?  Are you in?

Also, don't forget about our super-fun blogfest next week.  Sign up using the linky below and then on June 10, tell us why you write YA on your own blog.  Then hop around to different blogs and see what other folks are saying.

Join our "Why Do You Write YA?" Blogfest!


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