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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Word Scramble #1

I'm slightly obsessed with games and one of my favorites is Boggle or any kind of word scramble.  This weekend, just for fun I've decided to make my own word scramble  Here it is.  There are 252 words (3-letter +) hidden in this 6x6 letter square.  And no, I didn't sit and count all 252 of them.  Let's just say I have my minions.

How many words can you find?

t  w  a  s  b  r  
i  l  l  i  g  n  
d  s  l  i  t  h  
y  t  o  v  e  s  
d  i  d  g  y  r  
n  g  i  m  b  l  

Also, extra points for whoever can guess what text is hidden in this word scramble.

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