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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing Challenge on Hiatus; Welcome to Story-A-Day

I've decided to put my Writing Challenge on hold for the month of May because... *drumroll please*

...I'm participating in Story A Day!

I first learned about this challenge today through Inky Girl's blog.  When I read the rules of the challenge, I was terrified... a story a day?  For all of May?  My thesis is due on May 10th!  Will I even survive that first week?  But then I thought... if I'm resisting this idea, maybe that's because this is exactly what would be good for me right now.  Not to mention, it would be a fantastic way to start the summer if I manage to succeed.  Before I got a chance to change my mind, I signed up and now I'm doing it and I think I'm about to freak out!

Here's the plan: I'll be writing one short story per day, most likely of the flash-fiction variety and I'm giving myself Sundays as an optional day off.  I'm also going to try writing first thing in the morning, before my inner censor wakes up and before I have time to procrastinate too much.  On Wednesdays I'll check in here and at to let you all know how this is going.

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