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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello friends.  Today I have to write a not-so-fun post, so let's see how fun I can make it, shall we?

You see, lawyer-hubby has been looking over my shoulder and insists that I include a disclaimer to this whole DIY MFA thing.  Here it is.  You ready?
  1. iggi U is a fictitious university and is not accredited by any official powers-that-be.
  2. Neither iggi nor gabi may be held responsible for any learning (or lack thereof) that occurs during a DIY MFA.
  3. Participants in the DIY MFA should not expect any financial reward or compensation as a result of completing the DIY MFA.
  4. Any person who includes iggi U or DIY MFA on their resume with the expectation that it will be considered a serious institution, is seriously mistaken.
  5. No animals or iggis were harmed in the making of this DIY MFA.
The thing is DIY MFA is not about getting a degree or a shiny piece of paper.  DIY MFA is not about going to school and having the skies part on graduation day and a beam of light anoint you with learning and knowledge.  DIY MFA is not about credentials or school because DIY MFA is the anti-credential and the anti-school.

The whole point is that it's subversive and goes against the institutional view of higher learning.  The whole point is that learning can't be condensed into a finite number of years in a geographic location, but must be carried on through life, despite what curves life throws us.  The whole point is that DIY MFA is bigger than any school or classroom.  It's about building a fulfilling writing life, setting up a plan and sticking to it, through this roller-coaster ride we call life.


salarsenッ said...

Nice. Coverage is always important. Hee...

Sharde(Shar-day) said...

One could only be so lucky as to have an "aware" husband.

Merrilee said...

Very good idea Gabbi :)

gabi said...

Sheri and Merrilee - :) I agree. I was skeptical at first, but lawyer-hubby insisted and now I'm really glad I wrote it.

Sharde - I know what you mean. I feel very lucky indeed to have such an awesome and aware hubby!

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