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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Radio Silence

Dear friends,

I realize that I've been a bit absent the last two and a half days and I wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and still have plans to continue my writing projects!

Here's what's been going on.  First the embarrassing.  On Monday I injured my right thumb, you know with all that hitchhiking I do when I'm not writing.  Anyway, I spent the week hopped up on ibuprophen and my right hand was out of commission, which made it hard to write.  I couldn't get a doctor's appointment until this morning and that was precisely when my thumb magically healed itself.  Feeling like a total idiot, I went to the doctor anyway and learned that there was nothing wrong with my thumb.  Never was.  The most that must have happened was that I flailed around in my sleep and banged it somehow.  I felt like a world-class moron.

But it wasn't just the thumb that hindered my posting this week.  Truth is, I have a big deadline coming up and I've had to focus all my writing energy on it.  That said, this deadline will soon have passed and I'll be back to my frequent posting schedule as soon as I can.

Finally, this fall has been a time of some big life decisions.  I can't share specifics just yet, but anyone of you who's ever had to make a BIG decision knows how it can take over your brain.  That's what's happened to me.

In the end, I just wanted to write a quick something to let you all know that yes I'm still here and I will continue to post.  But for the next week or so, it just won't be as frequent as I promised.  I miss you guys and can't wait to be back full-swing.


Cinette said...

Your week sounds alot like mine, only another health issue instead of the thumb, etc.(typing with one hand as we 'speak')
Not to worry, we've all been in the same boat. Good luck to you, and we'll see you when we can!

Lydia Kang said...

That sounds like my whole month of September! Hope you get better soon!

Janice said...

Ouch! Feel better, Gabi.

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